Go Noodles
for a new great place to eat
top quality, fresh and MSG-free
At Wok 2 Eat, there’s a menu combination to suit everyone.


Customers can create their perfect meal by following a three step menu: choose a base of noodles, rice or vegetables, before adding a range of healthy, natural and fresh toppings that fit even the most complex of dietary requirements. 


Then finish with one of the delicious sauces and off you go with your top quality, fresh and MSG-free meal. 

WATCH OUR WOKKISTS takE centre stage
“We are sure that this fresh new eatery will hit the spot for the appetites of Aberystwyth residents and students.

Our approach will be unique; our wokkists will be heating up the kitchen and taking centre stage so that customers don’t just select every ingredient that goes into their meal, but also get to watch it being cooked before their eyes.


For us it’s all about the customer experience to keep customers coming back to try a new combination, to experience the theatre or spice it up with something different each time.

Come and find us

Wok 2 Eat

4A Portland Rd,


SY23 2NL

01970 359067


Open Monday to Saturday

12pm - 9pm

Times are subject to change.

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